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Marijuana Business Licenses

The Business License Division within the Department of Financial Management is the licensing authority for all medical marijuana businesses in the City of Long Beach. 

The City of Long Beach is currently designing regulations regarding the licensing of medical marijuana businesses. The City is not issuing licenses for recreational marijuana businesses at this time. It is illegal to operate any marijuana business in the City of Long Beach without having the proper state and/or local licenses. 

Important Updates

Property Owner Authorization Form

Applicants who do not own the proposed business property must submit the Property Owner Authorization Form found on page 15 of the application. Question 23 on the Medical Marijuana Business License Application will be updated on January 20, 2017 to require only a copy of a lease, if any, and the executed Authorization Form.  

Application Deficiencies

Non-Priority applicants have a period of 45 days after the end of the application period to fix any deficiencies in the application. Applicants must still respond to each applicable section of the application to the best of their abilities and provide the required attachments. This 45-day period will allow applicants to expand on information they've provided or cure minor defects upon request from the City. Priority applicants must fix any deficiencies in the application within the 6 month application period. 

Employment Certification

Applicants do not have to complete the employment certification found on Page 8 of the Medical Marijuana Business License Application; however, Non-Priority applicants will not receive a point according the Priority Point System as outlined in LBMC Section 5.90.070 if the Employment Certification is not signed.

Live Scan Delay

The Long Beach Police Department and other third party Live Scan providers cannot process Live Scans for medical marijuana business license applicants at this time. Due to these circumstances, the City is extending the period for Applicants to submit receipt of Live Scans. We are unable to specify a new deadline to complete Live Scans at this time. Applicants are still required to submit all other application materials by their respective deadlines. City staff will notify Applicants at a later date as to when the Long Beach Police Department and other third party Live Scan providers will begin processing Live Scans and Live Scan deadlines. At that time, the required Live Scan forms will be made available to Applicants. 

An application will be deemed complete without submission of Live Scan receipts. 


Medical Marijuana Businesses that will be transporting or delivering marijuana and/or marijuana product must include the following documents within employee personnel files and on file at the business:  

  • CA DL for each employee delivering/transporting marijuana products
  • Copy of Insurance for each vehicle used for delivery/transportation
  • Copy of Vehicle Registration for each vehicle used for delivery/transportation 

These materials will not be required to be submitted at the time of dispensary application if no delivery employees have been hired by the applicant yet.

Please check the website periodically for updates regarding medical and recreational marijuana in the City of Long Beach. 

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