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Adoption Partners

Thank you for your interest in being one of our adoption partners. Please fill out the Rescue Group Application and either mail (attn: Behavior and Rehoming), fax 562-570-3053 (attn: Behavior and Rehoming) or e-mail animalcare@longbeach.gov. We will contact you once you are approved.  At this time we will only release animals to rescue groups who are a 501c3.

If you are establishing a rescue group in the city of Long Beach or if you will be adopting animals at a location in Long Beach, you will need to register for a business license. Please follow these instructions http://www.longbeach.gov/finance/business-info/business-licenses/business-licenses/. Once you have met the requirements with the Business License Division you will need to fill out the Transfer of Animals Permit Application. For information about the Transfer of Animals Permit Application please call us at 562-570-7387 during regular business hours.