Long Beach GRIP Project

Reducing Violence, Saving Lives

  • Annual Meeting 2011

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    The Long Beach Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention Project (LBGRIP Project) will create a collaboration of educational, preventionand intervention based programs as well as related support systems toprovide essential educational, career, social and life skillsdevelopment training and services for at-risk youth and adults in thetarget area.

    The LB GRIP Project Advisory Council envisions a community where youthare highly valued, well educated, skilled for the 21st centuryworkplace, healthy, law abiding, and contributing members of societywho respect the rights of others and themselves.

    The LB GRIP Project will address critical unmet community needsnecessary to effectively address growing youth and gang violencethrough a youth-centered, community-wide approach enlisting theexpertise and resources of numerous City departments, community,educational, and regional partners. The Project can effectivelycontribute toward gang prevention, intervention, education, jobtraining and skills development, as well as family and communityservices in the target area. The Project is designed to provideyouth who are identified as already involved in criminal or gangactivity or are at-risk, with positive alternatives to gangparticipation in a safe environment, including job training and skillsdevelopment. The Project is also intended to promote communityawareness and education via anti-gang messages. Further, theProject will enhance the coordination of existing efforts and resourcesrelated to youth and gang violence prevention and intervention as wellas family and community services to maximize the return on theinvestment of limited resources.

    The Human Dignity Program administers the LB GRIP Project, a projectfunded by the state CalGRIP grant. The overseeing body to the LBGRIP is its Advisory Council. The Advisory Council has evolvedfrom the City's Youth and Gang Violence Prevention Task Force, whichwas established in 2004 as a result of a report on youth and gangviolence written by the City of Long Beach Human Relations Commission.

    The LB GRIP Project will:

    Refer underserved youth andyoung adults in Police Beats 4 and 5 (Northto Hill Street, South to Anaheim Street, West to the Los Angeles River, and East to Cherry Avenue) to positive alternatives to gangparticipation in a safe environment;

    Promote community awareness andeducation through anti-gang messages

    Enhance the coordination of existing efforts and resources related toyouth and gang violence prevention as well as family and communityservices to maximize the return on the investment of limited resourcesin the target area.

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