Center for Civic Mediation

The City of Long Beach provides office space for the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Center for Civic Mediation (formerly called Dispute Resolution Services) to provide free and low-cost mediation services to the Long Beach community.

is a highly successful process in which neutral trained mediators provide people locked into a dispute with a way to communicate and hear one anothers' concerns.


  • Confidential
  • Quick
  • Effective
  • Convenient
  • Empowering

Community Services:

Center for Civic Mediation offers a quick and free or low-cost way for citizens to resolve disputes through mediation.

Typical Community Services Disputes can include:

  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Neighborhood
  • Consumer/Merchant
  • Employer/Employee
  • Small Claims
  • Family Law
  • Business
  • Domestic
  • Condominium

Center for Civic Mediation will accept self-referrals and referrals from the following collaborative agencies and all City departments:

  • City of Long Beach Animal Care Services
  • Business Development Center
  • Housing Authority
  • Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership
  • and all other City Departments


Originally known as the Neighborhood Justice Center, Community Services opened its doors in 1978. Now a part of Center for Civic Mediation, this program continues to serve the public by helping people work out their differences. Through mediation, Community Services has helped over 45,000 people resolve their disputes.


"Mediation is a cost-effective tool for resolving many interpersonal conflicts. When parties get involved in the mediation process, they develop a stake in seeing the problem solved. We view the community mediation program as an important public service." - Robert M. Myers, former Santa Monica City Attorney.


"Effective communication solves more problems than rules and regulations. By fostering communication, community mediation achieves what rules can only suggest." - Helen Albert, former Mayor, City of West Hollywood.

For more information please contact: Debora Thomas-Beasley Long Beach Program Coordinator, located inside the Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC), 425 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802 (562) 570-1019 or (626) 623-8206 or via e-mail to



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