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Outreach Materials

As part of our service to the community, we are making our outreach materials publicly available for our community partners to use or customize for outreach purposes.

Digital Toolkits

February 2020 Thumbnail of February Social Media Toolkit January 2020 Thumbnail of January Social Media Toolkit
December 2019
Thumbnail of November/December Social Media Toolkit October 2019 Thumbnail of October Social Media Toolkit

Materials for Distributing

Our community partners are welcome to download and print any of the materials for the purposes of conducting census outreach and engagement in their community. 

Posters (11'' x 17'')

English Thumbnail of Poster Spanish Thumbnail of Poster
Khmer Thumbnail of Poster Tagalog Thumbnail of Poster


Flyers (8.5'' x 11'')

English Thumbnail of Flyer  Spanish Thumbnail of Flyer 
Khmer  Thumbnail of Flyer Tagalog  Thumbnail of Flyer


Postcards (4'' x 6'')

English  Thumbnail for Postcard (English) Spanish  Thumbnail of Postcard (Espanol)
Khmer Coming soon!  Tagalog Coming soon! 


Buttons (2'')

English Thumbnail for Button (English)  Spanish Thumbnail for Button (Spanish)
Khmer  Thumbnail for Button (Khmer) Tagalog Thumbnail for Button (Tagalog)

Stickers (4 x 3)

English + Spanish
Thumbnail of Stickers

Khmer + Tagalog: Coming soon!

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