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Primary Nominating Election

April 10, 2018

Important Notes on the Poll Search

Only addresses that are listed in the Roster of Registered Voters provided by the Los Angeles County Registrar will appear in this list. If you are uncertain of your voting status, please contact the Long Beach City Clerk at 562-570-6101 for assistance

Note: If you do not receive a sample ballot from the City Clerk or have never voted from your current residence you should verify your voter registration status with the City Clerk. An address that is listed may not be for you but for a previous occupant who has not informed the Los Angeles County Registrar of a change of address.

We have provided all due diligence in preparation of this list. However, late changes in polling places may not be listed until Election Day.

Can't locate your address or polling place? Contact the Long Beach City Clerk Office for assistance by calling 562-570-6101.