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The City of Long Beach is committed to transparent and open government practices. The City responds to requests for public records pursuant to the California Public Records Act (PRA), Government Code sections 6250 et seq. Per Government Code section 6253, the City will respond within 10 days from receipt of a public records request as to whether disclosable public records exist. In some cases, a 14-day extension to respond may be necessary. If the City determines non-exempt, disclosable public records exist, they will be made available within a reasonable timeframe and following the required payment, if applicable, for copies of such records.

To ensure your records request is responded to promptly, please fill out a Long Beach Public Records Request Form.

+Public Records Request Form  (PDF)

The Public Records Request Form may be downloaded and/or printed.  It may be submitted via:
Email: Send as an email attachment to RecordsCoordinator@longbeach.gov
Fax: (562) 570-6583
Mail or In-Person: Office of the City Manager, 333 W. Ocean Blvd. 13th Floor, Long Beach, CA 90802.
Phone: (562) 570-6711

Information on PRA Requests

Information contained in a PRA request is considered public record, and may be subject to public inspection, pursuant to Government Code Section 6252(e).

The City will make every effort to provide responsive records in a reasonable time. You will be notified within ten (10) days from the date of receipt of your request:

  • Whether the City has records responsive to your request and the page count and required payment, if applicable, to produce copies of such records, and/or
  • Whether the City has records responsive to your request, but which are exempt from disclosure and the reasons for exemption, and/or
  • Whether the City requires an extension of time to determine whether it has records responsive to your request.

If your request was received after business hours or on a weekend or holiday, the next business day will be considered the date of receipt. The 10-day response period starts with the first calendar day after the date of receipt (Cal. Civ. Code § 10.). You will be contacted by a City staff member if there are questions regarding your request.

If your request is to inspect rather than receive copies, the responsive Department(s) will contact you within the response period to schedule an appointment for a reasonable future date/time for the inspection of such records. This is necessary to allow time to gather and review documents for compliance within the provisions of the Public Records Act. Requests (inspection and copies) must be for records in the possession of, prepared, owned, used, or retained by the City of Long Beach (Gov. Code § 6252(e)) and must be for clearly identifiable records.

The request must be focused and specific[i] and clear enough so that the agency can decipher what record or records are being sought[ii]. The City is not required by law to create a record or list from an existing record. Copies of public records will not be provided if disclosure is exempt in accordance with law.  Exempt records may include personal and/or confidential information.

Copy charges are based on the City Fee Schedule as adopted by City Council Resolution. The standard charge for copies of any specifically described and identified public record not exempt from disclosure is $0.20 per page. Records stored by the City in electronic format will be provided in the same electronic format. The City is not required to produce records in an electronic format when the requested records are not available in electronic format at the time of the request. Mailing charges will apply, if necessary. The Financial Management Department will provide an invoice for charges due. These charges are due and payable upon receipt of the invoice. If arrangements for payment and production are not made within twenty (20) days of the date of the City’s response, a new request may have to be submitted. Documents will not be copied and produced until payment has been received.

The City of Long Beach is subject to California laws relating to public records. Emails sent or received by City employees or elected City officials are subject to these laws. Unless otherwise exempted by law, senders and receivers of City email should presume that the email is a public record subject to release upon request.


For more information, please refer to the provisions of the California Public Records Act or contact the Office of the City Manager at (562) 570-6711. For more information on obtaining records from the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD), visit their Public Records Request page.

Health Information Requests

Download the Authorization for Disclosure and/or Use of Health Information form.

Rogers v. Superior Court (1993) 19 Cal.App.4th 469.
ii Cal. First Amend. Coalition v. Superior Court (1998) 67 Cal.App.4th 159.