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Upcoming Classified Job Information

The Civil Service Department accepts online applications for jobs that are currently open. Job information is updated on a weekly basis; however, changes may occur frequently.

As anticipated job opportunities become available, those jobs will be listed below with an estimate of the month online applications may be available for filing.

Electronic job notifications may also be obtained through LinkLB.

Click to view all Classifications Specifications or click on the individual Class Specification below to subscribe and fill out a Job Interest Card.

Please call the Job Recruitment Line 24-Hours a day,
at (562) 570-6201 or visit our website www.longbeach.gov/civilservice.

Please check the Job Opportunities regularly. 

Last revised: December 10, 2018

Accounting Clerk Anticipated December 2018
Administrative Analyst Anticipated Winter 2019
Communications Center Coordinator (P) Anticipated December 2018
Communication Specialist Anticipated Fall 2018
Construction Inspector Anticipated February 2019
Customer Service Representative Anticipated December 10, 2018
Deputy Fire Marshal Anticipated December 2018
Equipment Operator Anticipated Winter 2019
Harbor Maintenance Mechanic Anticipated Winter 2019
Mechanical Engineer Anticipated Fall 2018
Parking Control Supervisor Anticipated January 2019
Parking Meter Technician December 2018
Police Sergeant Anticipated Winter 2019
Recreation Assistant Anticipated Winter 2019
Senior Surveyor Anticipated February 2019 
Water Utility Mechanic Anticipated December 2018

*(P) = Promotional Examination (Open to current City employees only)