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Interest Form - Temporary Open Streets for Businesses

In an effort to assist businesses in the COVID-19 recovery, the City of Long Beach Department of Public Works is looking to streamline temporary repurposing of the sidewalk and roadway for dining, customer queuing, and vehicle loading. If you are interested in temporary use of the public right-of-way for your business, please review the available options and eligibility outlined in the Open Streets Temporary Parklets Toolkit before completing the form below.

For Businesses within a BID/BIA
Please reach out to your BID/BIA directly rather than completing the form below. We ask all BID/BIAs to contact Public Works directly with a detailed list of businesses and requested closures per the Toolkit so we may streamline each BID/BIA’s needs.

Drive-In Dining Policy
Restaurants can offer drive-in service of food as part of their normal operations. Restaurants can take orders and deliver food car-side (car hop) within their own parking lots. Alcohol service is not permitted as part of drive-in operations.

Private Lot Use Permitting
Restaurants wishing to modify their parking lot to provide music, outdoor seating or entertainment are directed to apply for a Special Events – Occasional Entertainment Permit. Applications materials are available at: http://www.filmlongbeach.com/specialevents/applicationsandforms or they may wish to call (562) 570-5333 and speak to the City’s Special Events Staff.

Business Info:

Is your business part of a BID/BIA?

If your business is part of a BID/BIA please reach out to your BID directly per the instructions above. If not, please complete the following form.

Please note this is not a permit application. By completing this form, you are indicating your business’s interest in a temporary parklets as part of the Open Streets Program. The City anticipates these closures lasting up to 4 months, but will remain flexible as the COVID-19 recovery continues. Once your form is submitted, the City will contact eligible businesses on a first-come, first-served basis to provide further information about eligibility and next steps.