It is OUR MISSION to improve the quality of life by promoting a safe and healthy community in which to LIVE, WORK, and PLAY.

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Picnic in the Park Health Fair

Please join us this Friday, July 18th to enjoy a brown bag lunch at Lincoln Park, and a FREE Health Fair noon to 2pm. There will be FREE spa water samples, healthy eating information, assistance through Medi-Cal Outreach & Health Access, and education on Child Health & Disability Prevention, as well as Diabetes Prevention & Management. Lincoln Park is a dog friendly venue; tables and chairs will also be availble during the event. The Health Fair is hosted by the City of Long Beach, Department of Health and Human Services.

Click HERE for a flyer.

For more information, please contact Bob Cerince at (562) 570-4011, or by email at

Stay Cool in the Heat

The Health Department reminds residents to stay cool with higher temperatures in Long Beach. Visit our Heat Information page for tips on preventing heat-related illness.

Free Dental Event for Children

FUNtastic Dental & Orthodontics, located at 2700 N. Bellflower Blvd, Suite 217, will be holding a free dental event on Thursday, July 31st. Free dental services will be provided for children in the community, up to age 17, who are low-income, minority, uninsured, or who would otherwise not be able to afford dental services. For more information, contact (562) 627-8800.

Note: The Long Beach Department of Health & Human Services is not affiliated, nor endorses this event.

Pertussis Cases in Long Beach

The City of Long Beach is currently experiencing a higher number of cases of pertussis (also known as whooping cough) than usual. Pertussis is easy to spread from one person to another when someone with pertussis coughs and is in close contact with others. Symptoms include a runny nose and a cough that may last up to 2 weeks, followed by weeks to months of rapid coughing fits. Although most children receive 5 doses of the pertussis vaccine (DTaP) before kindergarten, the vaccine does not provide lifelong immunity, and booster shots are needed throughout life.

Vaccines are especially important for pregnant women to prevent them from passing pertussis onto their infants if infected - pregnant women should receive the Tdap booster during the 3rd trimester of each pregnancy, even if they got it before their pregnancy. All students entering, advancing, or transferring into 7th grade need proof of an adolescent whooping cough booster (called "Tdap"). Adults should receive Tdap in place of their routine 10-year tetanus (TD) booster, especially if they are in contact with infants or are health care workers.

For more information on pertussis, visit the CDC's pertussis information page.

Long Beach residents should contact their regular healthcare provider to arrange for recommended vaccinations. Those who do not have a regular healthcare provider or health insurance covering vaccines can dial 2-1-1 or the LBDHHS Immunization Program at (562) 570-4516.

Newly Formed HIV Support Group - Mentors & Buddies

The Health Department has formed a local HIV Support Group called "Mentors & Buddies". The group provides a safe environment to receive information, guidance, respect, and non-judgmental support, and an opportunity to meet others and share stories of survival and resiliance. Meetings are open to all, regardless of HIV status, age, or gender. The first meeting will be held on Monday, January 27th, from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m., at the Health Department (2525 Grand Avenue, 90815), in Room 204. Following meetings will be held every other Monday.

HERE for a flyer.

For more information, please contact Julio Rodriguez at (562) 570-4213, or by email at

2010 Long Beach Health Statistics

The City of Long Beach is known for having one of the most diverse populations in the United States. Many elements contribute to the health of a city, including demographics, healthy lifestyles, disease trends and environmental health. Using various data sources in addition to input from Long Beach residents and professionals in various fields, the Health Department takes the lead in identifying and prioritizing the public health needs for residents. Using local data as a foundation for the planning of disease prevention and health promotion, the Health Department ensures a more targeted impact on improving the quality of life for the residents of Long Beach.

HERE for the 2010 Health Statistics Report

Need Health Insurance?

Did you know your Health Department can help? Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) there are now new options available for individuals and families without health insurance. The Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services offers enrollment assistance with both Medi-Cal and Covered California. Please call us at (562) 570-7979 for more information. We offer assistance in English, Spanish and Khmer (Cambodian). You may also get more information directly from the Covered California website by clicking below.

Click HERE for the City of Long Beach Health Dept Medical Outreach info.
Click HERE for the Covered California website.

Community Health Assessment

The Long Beach Health Department Community Health Assessment is a comprehensive document describing health status and conditions in the City of Long Beach. Click on the document below to view the report. We would like your feedback on how we can improve our Community Health Assessment.

Click HERE to complete a short survey.