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Request a community presentation

STD 101 presented by Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services
Duration: 40 min
A comprehensive education of sexually transmitted diseases, symptoms, and treatments. Presentation will go into a discussion about methods of transmission including high-risk behaviors that may change the likelihood of contracting these diseases. Trends among the youth, race/ethnicity, and zip codes in Long Beach. To familiarize students on how to use a condom there will be a condom demonstration at the end of the presentation.

Sex Ed presented by Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services
Duration: 60 min
In addition to the “STD 101” presentation, the Sex Ed presentation includes more information that encourages discussion about comprehensive sex education. The session will begin with “STD 101” presentation and continue to explore different methods of contraception, how often each should be used, and their effectiveness. Students will learn how these items can be obtained at free or low cost.  Informing students of their options and rights as future parents. 

Understanding Identity presented by The LGBTQ Center in Long Beach
Duration: 40 min
A resource for understanding the complexities that include sex, gender, identity, and expression. The development of sexual orientation and gender identity will also be discussed. An activity to reinforce the impact community has on well-being will be used to conclude the presentation.

Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships presented by Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services
Duration: 40 min
Presentation will focus on the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships using examples and statistics.  Provides students with communication tips on how to navigate through difficult situations. Explores how external factors may influence their relationship ranging from social media pressures to knowing if someone is being trafficked. Inform students of different resources and social support systems they can access.

Presentations are only available during business hours M-F, 8-5pm and must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the presenation date.

To request a presentation please fill out the HIV/STD Community Presentation Request Form

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 HIV/STDs Data

The HIV/STD Surveillance Program provides annual reports on STD and HIV trends for the City of Long Beach.

2015 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report