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Diabetes Prevention and Management Program

Program Overview:

Self-Management / Social Support Program

A free program to learn how to prevent and manage diabetes. This 6-week course is intended for adults with diabetes, prediabetes or for anyone wanting to learn more about how to prevent or manage diabetes. Family members are welcome. Both English and Spanish courses are offered.

Learn About:

  • Current diabetes information
  • Management, and how to avoid complications
  • The roles of a healthy diet, physical activity and medication
  • How to self-monitor
  • Stress management
  • What questions to ask your healthcare provider

More About the Program:

To create a more personal experience, participants of the 6-week series also work directly with their instructors who will provide information and support based on individual need.

Course Includes:

  • Glucose monitoring machine
  • Test strips
  • Referrals to local health services

Local Resources:

American Diabetes Association
National Diabetes
Medline Plus
Healthline - Type 2 Diabetes
Additional Information (Spanish / Espanol)

Contact Us:

Alyssa Hartlaub, RN, Public Health Nurse

(562) 570-7986