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Additional Resources (Forms, Guides & Applications)

Consumer Protection Program - Food Safety and Inspections

Accredited Food Handler Card Providers
Accredited Food Safety Exam
Barbecue Guidelines and Application 
CBD and Retail Food
Catering Application and SOPs
Charitable Food distribution guidelines
Cooking and holding temperature poster
Cooling Technique Poster
Food Facility Plan Check Guide
Food Guide to Opening a Facility
Food Handler Card Exams
Food Handler Card FAQS
Food Handlers Guide
Host Facility Application and Plan Check
Limited Service Charitable Feeding Operation - Best Management Practices
Limited Service Charitable Feeding Operation - Checklist
Limited Service Charitable Feeding Operation - FAQ
Limited Service Charitable Feeding Operation - Flow Chart
Limited Service Charitable Feeding Operation - Survey
Limited Service Charitable Feeding Operation - User Guide Intro
Menu Labeling
Mobile Food Facility Plan Check Guidelines
Mobile Food Facility Route Sheet 
Safe Surplus Food Donation Toolkit
Special Event Food Truck Permit
Sugar Free Beverage Ordinance Letter 
Temporary Flavored Tobacco Products Notification Letter
Temporary Flavored Tobacco Products FAQ       

Temporary Food Facilities 

Temporary Food Facility Handwash Setup Example
Temporary Food Facility Guidelines
Temporary Food Facility Organizer Application
Temporary Food Facility Training Calendar 
Temporary Food Facility Vendor Application 
Farmers Market Application

Consumer Protection Program - Recreation and Water Quality 

 Line Clearance Permit Application
Backflow Certified Prevention Testers
Blank Backflow Test Form
CDC’s Fecal Incident Response in Swimming Pools 
Pool Code Book Title 22 
Pool Cover Requirements
Pool Plan Check Guide New Construction
Pool Plan Check Guide Replaster/Equipment Change
Swimming Pool Plan Check Application VGB Upgrade Only
Well Permit Application

Body Art Program

Body Art Annual Registration Checklist
Body Art Temporary Event Registration Checklist

Noise Control Program 

How to File a Noise Complaint in the City of Long Beach
When Should I File A Noise Complaint
Noise Complaint Form
Noise Variance Permit Application Packet 

Vector Control Program 

Demolition Release Form

Hazardous Materials/CUPA

 Medical Waste Questionaire
Post Tank Removal Guidelines
Site Characterization Guidelines & Permit Application
Site Remediation Guidelines & Permit Application