Mosquito Public Education and Outreach


By informing the residents of the City of Long Beach about WNV, we can arm the public with knowledge to help reduce the risks of contracting the virus. Illnesses caused by WNV are largely preventable if residents know what to do to reduce the risks. Partnering with the community is the best way to fight the virus.

  • Educating the public to take actions to eliminate stagnant and standing water on their properties reduces the risk of contracting WNV.
  • Educational materials (flyers, posters) in various languages are distributed each year to the residents of Long Beach.
  • Press releases and public service announcements help remind people WNV season is approaching and how to reduce the risks.
  • Vector Control Staff attend various community events and fairs to better educate the community on WNV issues.
  • Different forms of social media (facebook, twitter, youtube) are being developed to outreach and educate the public on WNV.