July's Featured Items: Cell Phone, Radio, & Batteries

Congratulations! You are now half way through creating your emergency kit. So far, the items you should have are: water, important documents and cash, a whistle, the appropriate hygiene and medication, plenty of food, and a first aid kit. This month,our featured items includes: cell phone, radio, and batteries.

it is important to have an extra cell phone in your kit to make emergency calls. Be sure to have it fully charged and ready to use whenever you may need to use it.
You may also want to include a battery-powered or hand crank radio in the event that there is no cell phone service.

Batteries are also very important. Without them, the cell phone and radio will not work. Make sure you have the appropriate batteries for each device. Practice using your radio every few months, as well as checking the batteries in the devices. Make sure to include any instruction manuals for your radio in your emergency kit.

This is also a good time to check or change out your water supply. Make sure your water is stored in a safe and cool area.

Remember to Build Your Kit, Long Beach (#BYKLB #LBKIT #LBREADY) in 2013 (or update the one you already have)! Being properly prepared will allow you and your loved ones to be well equipped to survive up to 72 hours after a disaster since officials and relief workers will not be bale to get to everyone immediately after a disaster.