December's Featured Item: Packing

Congratulations! You have successfully put together your own emergency preparedness kit! Our goal is to help Long Beach become better prepared, and with this kit assembled, you will be better prepared for any type of emergency.

If you have been following along, your kit should have these items:

Hygiene & Medications
First Aid Kit
Cell Phone, Radio, & Batteries
Local Maps
Equipment & Tools

Now that you have all the items you need in your kit, pack them in any type of container that will keep your items together. Make sure your kit is ready to 'grab-n-go' in the case of an emergency. Also be sure to keep your kit in a designated area where everyone in the household can access it. If you have a kit in your car or at your workplace, be sure to keep it somewhere that is easily accessible.

Remember to keep your kit items updated and stocked. This kit is being created for emergencies, so try not to take anything out unless it will be immediately replaced or used in the case of an incident.

Remember to
Build Your Kit, Long Beach (#BYKLB #LBKIT #LBREADY) in 2013 (or update the one you already have)! Being properly prepared will allow you and your loved ones to be well equipped to survive up to 72 hours after a disaster since officials and relief workers will not be able to get to everyone immediately after a disaster.