March's Featured Item: Whistle

It is important to have a whistle in your kit to be able to send out distress signals during emergency situations, considering:

-You may be trapped in your home or office
-You may be unable to get up/walk/run for help
- Vocal alerts require a lot more effort and do not reach the same range as the sound of a whistle

Using a whistle will call attention to others and help emergency responders find you if you are trapped, injured, or unable to move.

Whistles are used by search and rescue teams across the nation. A typical distress signal is three blasts in rapid succession.

Already have a whistle? Make sure the whistle works! You might want to consider getting one for a friend or for your work place! You may also want to purchase a whistle to be kept in every room where you keep your flashlights. Whistles can be purchased at local sports stores.

Remember to Build Your Kit, Long Beach (#BYKLB #LBKIT #LBREADY) in 2013 (or update the one you already have)! Being properly prepared will allow you and your loved ones to be well equipped to survive up to 72 hours after a disaster since officials and relief workers will not be able to get to everyone immediately after a disaster.

One Item a Month. One Step Closer to Being Prepared.