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Long Beach Continuum of Care Application

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Long Beach CoC 2017 Consolidated Application

On September 8, 2017, the Long Beach Continuum of Care (CoC) Board approved the final Priority Listing for the 2017 CoC Program Application submission.  The 2017 application, which totals to $8,480,986 in CoC program funds, will be submitted to HUD by September 28, 2017.  View each application component below.  For additional information, call (562) 570-4581.

Long Beach CoC 2017 Consolidated Application

I. 2017 CoC Application (Formerly Exhibit 1)

II. Project Applications (Formerly Exhibit 2)

Alphabetical by Project Name:

ADVANCE  Homeless Assistance Program  SPC 11 
Cabrillo Plaza PHD  Homeless Management Information System HMIS  SPC 95/00 
CHAMPS  It's a New Day SPC 96/99 
CH Healthy Homes Long Beach CoC Planning  Street to Home 
Chronic Homeless Housing - CHH  Long Beach CoC UFA  Transition in Place - Families 
Domestic Violence  MSC  Transition in Place - Youth 
Domestic Violence Shelter  Rapid Rehousing Veterans in Progress VIP 
Family Commons  SPC 05 CH   
Harbor PSH  SPC 10   

III. Project Priority Listing

The Priority Listing reflects the list of renewal and new projects submitted as part of the 2017 CoC application to HUD.  It also contains information about projects that were reallocated and proposals that were rejected during the application process..

IV. Ranking and Review

This information is available in an alternative format by request to the Homeless Services Division at (562) 570-4176

Esta información está disponible en un formato alternativo por petición a la División de Servicios para Desamparados en (562) 570-4176.