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Recovering from a disaster or emergency can be tough, especially when a large number of people are affected. Here are some tips to help you and your family become better prepared for an emergency and more resilient during and after.

Disaster Tips

Emergency Water | Hidden Water Supplies | Food Safety During Power Outages | Sheltering In Place


Helping People with Specific Needs During Disasters


Disasters can cause stress and anxiety for everyone, and particularly for children

Individuals who are hearing impaired

Disaster tips for individuals who are hearing impaired, such as storing extra batteries for hearing aids.

Individuals with mobility issues

Tips for individuals who may have difficulty with mobility during an emergency.

Special medical needs

People with special medical needs should keep a list of all their medications and take other steps to be prepared.

Individuals with visual disabilities

Disaster tips for people with visual disabilities

Take care of your psychological and emotional needs

Tips on how to cope with stress and anxiety during a disaster

The Disaster Preparedness Bureau also has a guide on emergency planning for families with special needs.