Here is a list of programs that the City of Long Beach Health Department currently offers to the public to promote healthy eating and living.

Program Website Program Description
Public Health Nurses (PHNs) PHNs work with individuals, families, and community groups in the home and the community providing assessment, case management, health teaching, counseling and advocacy. Anyone may request public health nursing services. Read more to contact them or to schedule an appointment.
Healthy Active Long Beach (HALB) Teaches basic nutrition information, healthy cooking and snack ideas, and how to keep you and your family healthy!
Latino Diabetes Prevention Program Learn to minimize developing diabetes and/or minimize the diseases. Services in English and Spanish. Habla Espanol!
Childhood Obesity Prevention and Advocacy (COPA) Reduce childhood obesity by improving the food and physical activity environments of a neighborhood while also improving the nutrition and exercise habits of entire families!
Healthy Food and Beverage Policies Provides information about how the food and beverage policies for the City!
Tobacco Education Program Learn about the effects of smoking and chewing tobacco as well as obtain more information about more programs and services available to the public. Read about fresh air dining in Long Beach as well as how to file a complaint when people smoke in a location designated as non-smoking!
Long Beach Drug Card Gives residents of Long Beach access to a statewide Prescription Assistance Program.