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The City of Long Beach has partnered with Citymart, with the support of the Long Beach Community Foundation and the Knight Foundation, to engage you in a creative, problem-solving approach that can change how the city functions and performs. Citymart is a New York-based company that transforms the way cities solve problems, connecting them with new ideas through open challenges to entrepreneurs and citizens.

The City will issue (5) five service challenges. Over the next 18 months Citymart will play a consulting role, helping City staff and community stakeholders define the challanges and envision outcomes.

Current Request for Proposals (RFP) Opportunity

Launch, Do, Grow: Business Solutions for Long Beach

Project Objective:
Make it easier for first-time entrepreneurs to launch, do business, and grow in Long Beach. The City seeks to build on its current economic development efforts in order to grow the local economy. This RFP will help new businesses navigate the process required to start a business in Long Beach.
Scope of Project:
The RFP contains three related scopes of work (Scope A, Scope B, Scope C). Bidders are welcome to respond to one, two, or all three scopes of work.
A. Business Navigators: How can the City help first-time entrepreneurs navigate the various processes required to open a business in Long Beach?
B. Launch, Do, Grow a Communications Challenge: How can the city better communicate the steps to the business community?
C. Sparking a Culture of Innovation & Entrepreneurship: How can the City of Long Beach improve the city's innovative economy through local businesses?
Current Request for Information (RFI) Opportunities

Up & Out: The Active City Data Challenge


The City of Long Beach is looking for innovative ways to capture, measure and analyze non-motorized travel and the use of community driven infrastructure (such as parks, libraries, and community centers). The successful solution or set of solutions will enable the city to understand the value of public space today and inform the City's continued efforts to make Long Beach a more walkable, bike able, transit-oriented city.

Read the challenge statement.

The Beach Life Challenge


The City of Long Beach is seeking innovative ways to increase and enhance recreational assets along the waterfront by (1) drawing more visitors to the beach and (2) encouraging them to get into the water.

To achieve these goals, the City is seeking to enhance the beaches with points of interest that draw people to the waterfront.

Read the challenge statement.

How to Participate

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