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Paid Internship Program

The City Manager's Paid Internship Program has been developed to provide college, university of graduate students with the opportunity to gain both academic and practical experience working in local government. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the City of Long Beach and the exceptional services it provides to the community. The Internship Program runs year-round.
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Youth Internships

Are you under 18 and looking for career exploration experience?

Access youth internships through www.pacific-gateway.org/youth, or visit the Youth Opportunity Center at 4811 Airport Plaza Drive, Long Beach, CA 90815 to speak to a Youth Employment specialist. (562) 570-4700.

Technology Services Internship

This Internship has been designed to recruit and develop talented individuals who have an interest in using their skills to assist the City’s technology operations. Most are paid internships.

Health and Human Services Internship

The link to a healthy city and a healthy community is providing the resources and services that address community needs for intervention, prevention, and health promotion. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) offers individuals interested in gaining experiential opportunities, through internships, in the following areas: Community Health, Preventive Health, and Environmental Health. Included in the services the DHHS provides are emergency management, homeless services and physician services. An internship with the DHHS is a great way to gain knowledge about public health while acquiring valuable workplace experience. Internship opportunities are dependent on need and area of specialization. Please email Mable.Goss@longbeach.gov your application or contact him with any questions.
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Police Department Internship

The Long Beach Police Department, in partnership with the Department of Criminal Justice of California State University, Long Beach, offers a limited number of internships each year. College students who must complete an internship as part of their academic requirements and who wish to pursue a career in law enforcement are invited to apply for the non-paid internship positions.
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Port of Long Beach Internship

Internships are a great way to learn more about the goods movement industry while acquiring valuable workplace skills. Many Port partners offer internships to high school and college students.
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Public Affairs Internship

One internship will be offered each semester and interns will have the opportunity to work with a small team on complex, high-level media and communications projects. This non-paying internship is open to applicants who have at least a 3.0 GPA, be at least a Junior & be pursuing a degree in Journalism, Public Administration, Marketing or related field.

Sustainability Internship

One internship will be offered each semester and interns will have the opportunity to gain insight into how local government implements model sustainability programs while sharpening their writing, presentation, analysis and critical thinking skills under the supervision of leaders in the sustainability field. This non-paying internship is open to applicants who have at least a 3.0 GPA, have at least a junior standing and be pursuing a degree in Environmental Science/Policy, Public Administration/Policy, Business, Planning or related field (graduate students welcome).
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Long Beach Water Department

Long Beach Water Department, in partnership with Pacific Gateway, provides valuable and high-quality paid internship opportunities to college students within the water industry. Internships have been available in Engineering, Finance, Water Quality, Warehouse, Water Operations, Emergency Preparedness/Security, Facilities Maintenance and Fleet Services departments at Long Beach Water. Internships are offered year-round for a minimum of 8 weeks.
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Other Opportunities

If you are not ready to internship, but you are interested in learning more about the City by volunteering for a project or a specific assignment, check out the Volunteer Opportunities page to see if any of these activities interest you.

Informal Internships

Other City departments may sometimes be open to informal internships from students looking to get some experience. Students are encouraged to contact the department directly to inquire about these opportunities. Before you make the contact, however, you should do some research on what that department does and what you can learn from working in that department. Once you identify a potential department or an area in that department, you should tailor your cover letter and resume to express why you want to intern with the department (your area of interest), what you hope to learn and what you have to offer. Specify if you are looking for a paid or unpaid internship (don't specify an hourly rate), how many hours you can commit to each week and how long you can commit (typically six to eight weeks). Make sure you specify a date range and that your resume highlights your education in the area you are interested in. Please note that most of these informal internships will be unpaid but it's a great way to get experience.
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