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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering to assist in any of the opportunities below can be a rewarding experience in and of itself. In addition, these opportunities can provide participants with an inside look at the types of jobs that exist in the City and can assist you in deciding if public service is for you.


The Long Beach Airport Department offers volunteers a variety of opportunities such as tour guides, ambassadors and archivists.

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The Long Beach Public Library Volunteer Program assists the Library in carrying out its mission to meet the information needs of our culturally diverse and dynamic population.

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Parks, Rec & Marine

The Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine coordinates a variety of volunteer programs for individuals ages 14 and over.

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The Long Beach Police Department places a high value on their volunteers. Volunteer involvement has resulted in making Long Beach a better place to live, visit and do business.

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The Long Beach Water Ambassador Program assists the Department in expanding it's community involvement and outreach. Through extensive public education programs and community outreach, this group of dedicated volunteers continues to provide a vital service to not only the Department, but also the entire city and its ratepayers.

562-230-1928 or 562-570-2309
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Animal Care Services

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities at Long Beach Animal Care Services. Please visit our website for the more details about the opportunities and application process.

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Beach Clean-up

The Long Beach Water Department organizes a quarterly beach clean-up in our perennial effort to make this a more "Beautiful Long Beach" and to promote environmental stewardship and education.

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El Dorado Nature Center

The City of Long Beach's El Dorado Nature Center offers a variety of volunteer activities at this 100 acre piece of land.

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Rancho Los Cerritos

Every year, volunteers contribute thousands of hours of community service to this historic site. The Rancho's educational and community programming would not be possible without the help and support of these dedicated volunteers.

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Rancho Los Alamitos

Each of the eight general volunteer areas offers a variety of associated opportunities, time commitments, and training to suit volunteers particular interest and need.

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