Compost Bins

Purchase Compost Bins

Compost bins are available for Long Beach residents to purchase at a reduced price. There are currently two types of bins available. The Soil Saver is ideal for backyard composting of yard debris and food scraps. The Wriggly Wranch is used for vermicomposting.

Residents with City-serviced refuse accounts may email or call the Refuse Hotline at (562) 570-2850 to have a bin charged to their refuse utility bill and delivered on their next service day. Due to increased demand, current supplies are limited.

Soil Saver

The Soil Saver | Price: $45.00

The Soil Saver is made from 100% recycled content, durable polyethylene plastic. It has an efficient square design and is ideal for all backyards. The bin has four interchangeable sides with two slide-up doors for easy compost removal. The Soil Saver measures 28”W x 28”D x 32”H,  holds 11.5 cubic feet of material, and has a has a 25-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.

Wriggly WranchThe Wriggly Wranch | $45.00

The Wriggly Wranch is made from 100% recycled content plastic that is weather-, rot-, and rodent-resistant. The bin is built with a unique stacking design that allows for easy harvesting. With its snap-fit construction, no tools are required. When fully assembled, the Wriggly Wranch measures
22-3/4” x 25-1/2” x 15-3/4” and holds a capacity of two cubic feet. The Wriggly Wranch has a 5-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.