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Free Compost Workshops

The City of Long Beach Environmental Services Bureau hosts a FREE workshop to teach residents to compost, vermicompost and grasscycle. Learn to recycle lawn and yard trimmings into a valuable soil amendment for your garden or landscaping, or have worms turn your food scraps into a rich fertilizer. Workshops are held at 2929 East Willow Street in Long Beach (see map below) from 10:30 am-12:30 pm. To enroll in the next class, register through the form below.

Register for Free Compost Workshop

In this free 2-hour workshop, participants will learn how to set up and maintain a backyard compost bin and a worm compost bin. You'll see what materials you can (and can't) put in your compost bin, and find out how to use finished compost most effectively for your potted plants, gardens or landscaping.

Long Beach Compost Workshop
Environmental Services Building
2929 East Willow Street
Long Beach, CA 90806

Compost bins and worm bins are available for purchase at a discounted, below-retail price at the end of the workshop. For information about bins and pricing go to our page. You may purchase bins after the workshop using cash, personal check or adding it to your utility bill.

Participants can register either online using this form, or by phone (562-570-4676). 

If rain or other adverse weather conditions lead to the cancellation of this workshop, you will be notified by 9:30 AM the day of.