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"A Neighborhood Perspective" Mural
The Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine and the Department of Community Development Neighborhood Services Bureau congratulate artist Jose M. Loza and the volunteer youth and adults who assisted him in producing the outstanding A Neighborhood Perspective mural that celebrates the North Long Beach Atlantic corridor history. The 46’6” x 13’mural was designed and produced by Long Beach artist and Recreation Leader Jose Loza. Mr. Loza worked with the members of the North Long Beach Project Area Committee, the Redevelopment Agency staff and Councilwoman Rae Gabelich in gathering subject matter for this community mural. Field Representative Linda Ivers and the Long Beach Historical Society also contributed valuable documentation for the artist’s depictions of Long Beach.

Other businesses and individuals greatly appreciated for their support of this mural project are: and property owner Ted Orozco, Super Mex Restaurant staff and Vice Mayor Val Lerch.

The combined support of all of these organizations and community members made this mural a reality that transformed a blank wall into a vision of North Long Beach’s past agricultural roots to the bustling and exciting urban revitalization of today.

It is with great pride that Parks, Recreation and Marine celebrates the artistic talent of Recreation Leader Jose M. Loza who produced this wonderful mural. Jose began as an 8th grade youth volunteer with the Mural and Cultural Arts Program. He followed his heart’s desire and has become an outstanding professional artist and respected Recreation Leader who has worked with park recreation,WRAP, sports coaching and mural arts.

The goals of City mural projects are diverse. One focus is to provide a visual voice for community residents, families, youth and children. Another is to provide creative and positive ways for children and youth to actively participate in the community while expanding their artistic abilities, cultural art and community history knowledge. The A Neighborhood Perspective mural reinforces the importance that shared community involvement plays in producing public art, which not only enhances the neighborhood but also strengthens the community in the process.