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Educational Programs /Preschool Programs

NATURE KIDS! DISCOVERY CAMP Pre-registration is required for all classes. Visit www.lbparks.org to register.

Join us at the Nature Center for fun and exploration this summer! Children will experience nature through investigation, hands-on activities, games and crafts. A simple snack will be provided. See schedule below.

9 – 11 am
3 - 5 years old. Children must be potty-trained. This is not a parent participation class.
$100 per week

32322 - Science is Everywhere
June 17 - 21
Science can be exciting and . . . messy.33 Let’s see what we can mix together, or take apart to find out what makes nature so wonderous.

32323 - Worms Eat My Garbage
July 8 - 12 Discover why worms eat our garbage. What do they like best? Make a dish garden from leftovers to find out and to learn how plants benefit from the worms munching and crunching on scraps.

32324 - Creature Power!
July 29 - August 2
Join the “Kratt Siblings” for a science based adventure. We will activate our power suits as we head out on the trail and learn about the creatures of El Dorado Nature Center!

32325 - Pond Friends
August 12 - 16
Dive into the life of turtles, frogs, dragonflies, and other cool friends we might encounter as we learn about life in the pond.


9 am – noon.
5 - 8 years old. Children must have completed kindergarten.
$120 per week

32326 - Movin' and Groovin'
June 24 - 28
2, 4, 6, 8, having legs is just so great! (How do those with no legs rate)? Come explore the variety of animals that live at the Nature Center and discover how their movement helps them survive in the wild. Let’s watch them slither, hop, jump and crawl their way around.

32327 - Pass the Energy Please
July 22 - 26
Where do you get your get-up-and-go? What makes a tree or a gopher snake grow? All living things are links in a chain. Let's explore how life passes from one to another and around again.

32328 - Creatures of the Night
August 5 - 9
While you’re fast asleep, the Nature Center night crew critters are hard at work doing their part to keep the habitat healthy and in balance. Don’t drive yourself batty wondering whooo they are, join the class and learn their not-so-secret identities and special skills.

32329 - Animal Transformers
August 19 - 23 Is that a butterfly or an owl? A leaf or an insect? Learn the wonderful ways living things can change shape, color and size in order to disguise. We’ll use our senses and imagination to go beyond the ordinary and discover that in nature there’s more than meets the eye.

Jr. Naturalist Program
9 am – noon.
9 -12 years old
$120 per week

32330 - Junior Naturalist
July 15 - 19
Join our Naturalist team as we go behind the scenes for a week-long adventure. We will learn how to care for the living things within the Nature Center and beyond. Exciting, hands-on projects will help us understand the importance of habitat and how we can support wildlife in our own neighborhoods.