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About the LBPD

The Long Beach Police Department is the second largest municipal police agency in Los Angeles County and provides law enforcement services to the 7th largest city in the State of California. With over 800 sworn officers and a total staffing of over 1,200 personnel, LBPD is dedicated to professional, proactive and innovative policing and is committed to building and maintaining positive relationships with the diverse community they serve. With an annual operating budget of over $211 million, the Police Department also provides contracted law enforcement services to the Port of Long Beach, Long Beach Airport, Long Beach Transit, and Long Beach City College.



Strategic Vision


Core Values

Principles of Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Code of Ethics




Police Chief Robert Luna

Chief of Police Email 
Deputy Chief Wally Hebeish Patrol Bureau Deputy Chief Email 
Deputy Chief Alex Avila  Support Bureau Deputy Chief Email 
Deputy Chief Richard Conant Investigations Bureau Deputy Chief Email
Chief Financial Officer Maura Velasco-Ventura Chief Financial Officer Email
Bureau Chief Jason Campbell Administration Bureau Chief Email
Commander Elizabeth Griffin  Port Police Division Commander Email
Commander Rudy Komisza  Training Division Commander Email
Commander Jeffrey Berkenkamp West Patrol Division Commander Email 
Commander Jeffrey Liberman  Security Services Division Command Email 
Commander Patrick O'Dowd  East Patrol Division Commander Email 
Commander Erik Herzog  Chief of Staff - Office of the Chief of Police Email
Commander Steve Lauricella  North Patrol Division Commander Email 
Commander Lloyd Cox  Internal Affairs Division Commander Email
Commander Paul LeBaron  Detective Division Commander Email
Commander Michael Lewis South Patrol Division Commander Email
Commander Robert Smith Gang & Violent Crimes Division Commander Email
Commander Joel Cook Field Support Division Commander Email
Administrator Anna Acosta-Reyes Records Administrator Email
Administrator Tom Behrens Jail Administrator Email
Administrator Karen Owens  Community Engagement Administrator Email
Administrator Glen Spencer Forensic Services Administrator Email
Administrator Brandon Walker Finance Administrator Email
Administrator Paula Gallegos Personnel Administrator Email