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14th Street Park Fitness Zone Opening Ceremony Set for Oct. 25
Jane Grobaty

Mayor Robert Garcia, Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez and the Departments of Parks, Recreation and Marine and Public Works invite the public to an opening ceremony for the new Fitness Zone at 14th Street Park, between Locust Avenue and Palmer Court, on Saturday, October 25. The program starts at noon, but events will start at 10 am for the community. Fitness Zones are free, easy-to-use outdoor gyms with top-quality exercise equipment suitable for all fitness levels.

"This project is part of the transformation of 14th street and the Washington neighborhood," Mayor Robert Garcia said. "What was once blighted has become a popular park, where residents can enjoy leisure and social activities, and there are more improvements to come."

"Fitness Zones are a great way for residents of all ages to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. They are accessible to those on a tight budget, convenient and include some ADA- accessible equipment,” Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez said.

The Fitness Zone will incorporate:
Leg press machine with four seats

  • Lower body exercise machine
  • Stand up pendulum for abdominal exercise that accommodates four people at a time
  • Cross country ski machine that accommodates two people at a time
  • Vertical press for legs and arms (ADA Accessible)
  • Pull down lift for lats (back muscles) (ADA Accessible)
  • Chest press (ADA Accessible)
  • Press and pull for upper body exercise 


The Fitness Zone has a colored paved path for circuit training. The project also included drain repair, and water-wise plant landscaping at the entry on Locust Avenue.

The 14th Street Fitness Zone was funded with $117,500 from one-time infrastructure dollars.

Fitness Zones are also available at Admiral Kidd, Coolidge and Orizaba Parks.

For more information on the 14th Street Park Fitness Zone Groundbreaking, please call 562.570.3150.