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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPress Release # CM: 102414
City Manager Appoints Tom Modica as Assistant City Manager
Patrick H. West, City Manager

Today City Manager Patrick H. West announced the appointment of Tom Modica to the position of Assistant City Manager. Section 301 of the City Charter provides the authority for the City Manager to appoint an Assistant City Manager with the confirmation of the City Council. The City Manager made the appointment in consultation with the City Council, and their confirmation of the appointment is scheduled for November 11, 2014.

"Tom Modica is highly qualified to fulfill the duties of Assistant City Manager," said City Manager West. “Throughout his City service, Tom has demonstrated excellent leadership, problem-solving, budgetary, and communications skills. He has developed a reputation for being one who is not afraid to take on and resolve complicated issues, engage the community to solve problems, and provide candid and thoughtful input on a wide variety of important issues.”

The Assistant City Manager provides a uniquely important role, as outlined in the City Charter, in supporting both the City Manager and various functions of the City Manager's Office. The Assistant City Manager must also be able to fully perform the duties of the City Manager in the absence of the City Manager. To select an Assistant City Manager, the City conducted an extensive recruitment utilizing the services of a firm with experience in executive recruitment.

Mr. Modica currently serves as Deputy City Manager and oversees external affairs and special initiatives, maintaining oversight over Government Affairs, Communications and Regional initiatives such as water quality, transportation, regional planning, and state and regional funding issues. He also oversees the Tidelands Capital Improvement Division, which is responsible for a planned $275 million capital improvement program in the City's coastal area over the next five years, including the rebuild of the Belmont Beach and Aquatics Center.

Mr. Modica has worked with City departments and elected officials on several initiatives over the years, including the long-term improvement in the City’s ocean water quality, management and oversight of $120 million in Stimulus funds, protection of the City’s interests through the dissolution of Redevelopment, the study of the Long Beach Breakwater, the 2010 City Council Redistricting process, and coordinating citywide media and communications issues, including the City’s award-winning use of social media. He has worked for the City of Long Beach for the past 12 years, starting as a Management Assistant in July 2002, and has served in a number of different roles in the City Manager’s Office including Assistant to the City Manager, Government Affairs Manager, Director of Government Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, and Deputy City Manager. He lives in Long Beach with his family.

The City Manager expects to announce appointments to several other key City positions as early as next week.