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City of Long Beach and Association of Long Beach Employees (ALBE) Reach Impasse in Labor Negotiations
Ken Walker
Labor Relations Bureau
Department of Human Resources

After 14 negotiation meetings and over a year of discussions, the City of Long Beach and the Association of Long Beach Employees (ALBE) have reached impasse regarding contract negotiations.

The Association of Long Beach Employees (ALBE) declared impasse after voting yesterday to reject the City of Long Beach’s final offer. ALBE represents approximately 700 skilled and general laborers including Maintenance Assistants, Water Utility Mechanics, Gas Field Representatives, Equipment Mechanics, and Refuse Operators.

“It is unfortunate that we could not reach an agreement with ALBE,” said City Manager Patrick H. West. “We have given ALBE a fair and reasonable offer that balances fiscal responsibility and provides our employees with compensation increases equal to those offered to our other similar bargaining groups.”

Over the course of the past year, the City has reached agreement with nine of the City’s 11 bargaining units. The City had offered ALBE the same level of salary increases offered to other employees in similar bargaining groups (a 6% raise over three years), as well as an increase in additional pay provisions such as higher class pay, standby pay, and an increase in safety boot allowance, among other provisions. The Last, Best and Final Offer from ALBE before impasse was declared included a 9% raise over three years, which the City has deemed unaffordable, would result in service cut backs, and would create inequity among other similar employee groups with approved contracts.

“The City has bargained in good faith over the course of 14 negotiations meetings with ALBE and truly values employees’ hard work and dedication,” said Alex Basquez, Director of Human Resources.

The City remains committed to resolve this dispute in a manner that is consistent with its fiscal obligations and the best interests of the community, including the option of recommending that the Council adopt the City’s last best final offer.

The City Council on October 3 will consider imposition of the City’s Last Best and Final Offer (LBFO). State law only allows the City to impose the terms & conditions of the City’s LBFO up to one year and negotiations would be revived upon changed circumstances. Some of the major provisions of the LBFO include up to a 4% raise, elimination of a Floor Warden Skill Pay, increased employee health contribution, increased higher class pay, increased standby pay and an increase to the safety boot replacement program.