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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPress Release # CM: 022514
City of Long Beach Trains Emergency Response Teams
Reginald Harrison, Deputy City Manager

The City of Long Beach is augmenting its emergency management systems by training 150 employees to help the City be better prepared to manage a large-scale natural or man-made disaster.  

"We should all be ready in case of a disaster," said Mayor Bob Foster.  "Giving these employees additional training will help our City get back on its feet quicker after a major incident."

All City employees are trained to be disaster workers should the need arise; however, the All Hazard Incident Management Team (AHIMT) curriculum follows federally approved standards for the principals of management, logistics, operations, planning, and finance necessary to manage complex, lengthy incidents that could require responses from multiple agencies or jurisdictions.

Classes are comprised of both sworn and non-sworn staff to meet the emergency response needs for large-scale events, both planned and unplanned.  Real-world scenarios and tabletop exercises are used to provide a realistic simulation of emergency management challenges and best practice solutions.  

"One of the major benefits of this training is the opportunity for staff from different departments, with different areas of expertise, to work together just as they would during an actual emergency," said Deputy City Manager Reginald Harrison.  “Recent disasters across the country remind us all that we cannot wait to be prepared.”

The City is currently conducting the third of five (AHIMT) classes. Staff from all City departments including Police, Fire, Public Works, Airport, Parks, Recreation and Marine, Port of Long Beach, and Health train together with members from non-governmental organizations such as local hospitals and schools as well as the American Red Cross in exercises developed to teach the National Incident Management System.

Facilitated by the Incident Management Training Consortium (IMTC), this training is funded through Homeland Security Grants.  Additional training will be provided as new grants funds become available.

As the City continues to enhance its emergency response training, residents are strongly advised to prepare for an earthquake and be self-sufficient for five days in the event of a large-scale incident.  Create an earthquake plan for your home and family, put together an earthquake kit (food, water, tools, etc.) and make sure all of your family members know what to do in an earthquake. Further, all residents are encouraged to sign up for Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training.

The Long Beach Fire Department conducts this free program to train the public how to become self-sufficient during major disasters.

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