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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPress Release # CM: 061115
Junipero Avenue Beach Parking Lot Improvements Underway
Eric Lopez, Tidelands Development Officer

The City of Long Beach is making major repairs and improvements to the popular Junipero Avenue Beach Parking Lot, south of Ocean Boulevard.

“This important project will make it even more convenient for people to come and enjoy our beautiful coastline, which is one of our greatest resources,” said Mayor Robert Garcia.

The Junipero Avenue Beach Parking Lot will be intermittently closed to the public until July 2, 2015. A portion of this parking lot served as the staging area for the beach pedestrian path project, and is in need of major repairs.

“The renovation of this parking lot is greatly needed and will add the finishing touches to our effort to revitalize the Cherry Beach area and improve beach accessibility,” said Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal. “The reconstructed restrooms, Bixby Park Bluff improvements with ADA access to the beach and the new beach pedestrian path will inspire even greater use of our namesake beach and adjacent park amenities.”

A new asphalt pavement overlay and concrete ribbon gutter will be installed to revitalize the parking lot surface and improve site water drainage. Three bio-retention areas will be created along the southern edge of the parking lot to assist with water retention and natural filtration treatment of runoff. Further site improvements will include repairing concrete sidewalks, restriping the parking lot, planting native coastal drought-tolerant vegetation, and replacing the irrigation system with another one that also uses reclaimed water. No trees will be removed or relocated as part of this effort, and work is progressing on schedule.

“We are making improvements to allow for future electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations. This will add to the City’s sustainable transportation infrastructure, and further demonstrates our commitment to technological innovation,” said Councilwoman Suzie Price.

Additional improvements will include removing outdated individual parking meters and installing new multi-space pay stations that will allow multiple forms of payment, similar to other city beach parking lots that have been rehabilitated in the past year.

The road and sidewalks on Junipero Avenue, south of Ocean Boulevard, are also being improved as part of this project.