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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPress Release # CM:050417
Long Beach Celebrates Bike Month with Unveiling of Primal Alchemy Unicorn Bike
Sean Crumby, Deputy Director
Department of Public Works

The public is invited to attend the second “Unicorn Bike” unveiling at 1:00 PM this Saturday, May 6, at Primal Alchemy, 19 39th Place. This debut is one of the City’s many Bike Month celebrations all throughout May.

“Long Beach Bike Share continues to create fun and innovative ways to work with the community and promote mobility,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “The current unicorn bike has been a hit in Long Beach and I look forward to seeing more of them down the line.”

In partnership with Primal Alchemy, the City of Long Beach has temporarily transformed one of the City’s recognizable blue Bike Share bikes into a Primal Alchemy bike, complete with neon green paint and wood paneling.

“The unicorn bike program is a fantastic way to highlight local businesses,” said Councilwoman Suzie Price. “Primal Alchemy is a great member of the community and I am very excited for them to become only the second local Long Beach business to be featured in this program. I hope to have many more amazing Third District businesses involved in this unique program in the future.”

Bike Share users will have the opportunity to locate and ride the special unicorn bike from May 6 through July 6, 2017. Registered Bike Share users who post photos of themselves on the unicorn bike to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #lbunicorn, #lbbikeshare, and #getprimal will become eligible for various Long Beach and Primal Alchemy prizes. Prizes range from water bottles and sunglasses, free Aquarium of the Pacific and Queen Mary Exhibit tickets, to Primal Alchemy gifts. Also, social media users are encouraged to follow @LongBeachBikes for regular clues and hints on the whereabouts of the special unicorn bike.

“Primal Alchemy is a welcome addition to Long Beach’s Unicorn Bike Program and another great opportunity for Bike Share and another business,” said Public Works Director, Craig Beck.

In addition to the unveiling of the new Unicorn Bike, Long Beach Bike Share has announced a new fare structure, including lower rates for monthly plan users and a new annual plan. The new monthly plan gives members 90 minutes of ride time daily for $15 a month, while the new annual plan gives members 90 minutes of ride time daily for $10 a month (with a yearlong commitment).

“Sponsoring a Primal Alchemy Unicorn Bike through the Long Beach Bike Share program felt like a natural fit for us and we were ecstatic to jump on the opportunity,” said Chef Paul Buchanan, owner of Primal Alchemy. “Not only does the program fit with our own personal lifestyles, it's also a clever and fun way to market the Primal Alchemy kitchen and catering services to the Long Beach Community!”

The City’s Bike Share program launched in March of 2016 and boasts over 10,000 members who together have biked over 115,700 miles. The network of 60 hubs and 400 bikes enable visitors and residents to conveniently reach key destinations in the City, including the system’s most popular hubs at Aquarium of the Pacific, Belmont Pier, and City Hall. The bike share network, which operates without cost to the City, will continue to expand in coming months with the addition of 140 additional bikes throughout the City, including hubs near CSULB and the Queen Mary.

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