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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPress Release # 073115
Power Outage Remains for 200 SCE Customers in Downtown Long Beach
Kerry Gerot
(562) 618-8612
Acting Public Information Officer

As of 11:00 p.m., approximately 200 SCE customers remain without power.   Affected customers are limited to an area bounded by Lily to the north, Pacific to the west, Tribune to the east, and Nardo Way to the south.  This is down from a height of 30,000 customers who were without power during the outage, which began on Thursday July 30, 2015 at around 4:00 p.m.  Earlier this evening, SCE began assessing the potential to use generator power to temporarily restore power to the affected area.  This tactic has proved successful at several buildings.  Additional buildings in the affected area will continue to be evaluated for this temporary fix.  A distribution center with ice, water and flashlights was available at 925 Locust Avenue, and has since closed. Ice, water and flashlights will be available at Cesar Chavez Park at 8 a.m. on Saturday.
SCE continues to work on repairs.  Since 9:00 p.m. this evening, 10th Street between Pine Avenue and Locust Avenue, and Tribune Court between 10th Street and 9th Street has been and will be closed until further notice as SCE works on repairs.  Aside from the repair area, all traffic signals in Long Beach are working.
During the day on Friday July 31, SCE crews, accompanied by Long Beach Police Officers, inspected 300 underground vaults throughout downtown Long Beach.  The inspections were an effort to identify any challenges that could cause further loss of power.  Officers directed traffic during the inspections and monitored vehicular and pedestrian safety.  Inspections concluded today at approximately 5:30 p.m.
Residents who remain in need can continue to obtain water, ice, snacks, and flashlights at Cesar Chavez Park through midnight tonight.  These items will be available again at 8am on Saturday.  Cesar Chavez Park is located at 4th Street and Golden Avenue.  The supplies are being distributed near the Jenny Orepeza Community Center. 
For the latest updates, follow the City of Long Beach and City departments on Twitter @LongBeachCity, @LBFD, @LBPD, @SCE and @LongBeachPW, use the hashtag #lbPWRout2. Also see for more information.
Tips for Staying Safe
All residents and visitors should be mindful of their activities and take care of your neighbors, seniors, vulnerable individuals, and children.
Use flashlights at all times to maintain personal safety and prevent unnecessary accidents. Candles are a fire hazard. 
Stay out of elevators as they may stall and potentially trap residents.
Food Safety
Food that needs to be refrigerated, but has been without refrigeration for more than 4 hours should be thrown out.
A full freezer without power can keep food safe for up to 48 hrs.; a half full freezer will hold food safely for 24 hrs.
Public Services
Parking enforcement will be suspended from Long Beach Boulevard to Pacific Avenue and from 8th Street to Anaheim. The suspension will last until Saturday, August 1st at 10 a.m.  The need for the suspension will be reassessed at that time.  For public safety reasons, citizens should avoid parking in red, blue and white curb restrictions. All other parking laws, such as blocking fire hydrants or driveways, remain in effect.
Trash and recycling collection will occur as scheduled. Leave spoiled food in its packaging and place into trash containers being set out. Tie bags closed securely and place inside container.
Consejos para mantener su seguridad y salud
Todos los residentes y los visitantes deben ser conscientes de sus actividades y cuidar de sus vecinos, ancianos y niños.
Use linternas durante la noche para mantener su seguridad personal y evitar accidentes. 
No use velas porque son un peligro de incendio; no las use para iluminar su casa.
Por favor no use elevadores por que se pueden apagar y dejar residentes atrapados.
Seguridad de Comida
Comida que necesita refrigeracion, pero ha estado sin refrigeracion por mas de 4 horas se deberia de tirar. 
Un congelador lleno puede mantener comida fría solo por 48 horas; un congelador lleno a la mitad mantiene la comida segura durante 24 horas.