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Public Invited to Grand Opening Event for Chittick Field Sports Complex on April 23
Jane Grobaty

Mayor Bob Foster, Sixth District City Councilmember Dee Andrews and the Departments of Parks, Recreation & Marine and Public Works invite the public to a grand opening event for the Chittick Field sports complex, on Wednesday, April 23 at 11:00 am. The 19-acre site near Pacific Coast Highway and Walnut Avenue has been revitalized with the construction of a football field, an all-weather track and other track and field facilities, three soccer fields, restrooms, bleacher areas, sports lighting, landscaping and parking. 

"This is one of the most significant park renovation projects in decades," Mayor Bob Foster said. “Chittick Field has been revitalized as a state-of-the-art facility, and will enhance the entire community by providing so many wonderful opportunities for recreation, team sports and a healthy active lifestyle.”

"With all the active and young people living within one mile of Chittick Field, I know that it will be one of the most utilized parks in Long Beach” Councilmember Dee Andrews said. “I share the community's excitement and enthusiasm to start playing football, soccer and a wide variety of athletics here at this incredible facility.” 

Chittick Field was developed more than 60 years ago with baseball and soccer fields, on land used as a Los Angeles County stormwater retention basin. Chittick Field has remained very popular with the community throughout its long history.  To facilitate this significant upgrade of the park, the City of Long Beach and Los Angeles County negotiated the first 99-year lease in the County’s history to make this facility available to the community into the next century. 

“I am delighted with the improvements to Chittick Park, within the Los Angeles Flood Control District’s Hamilton Bowl detention basin facility,” Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe said. “We’ve had great cooperation from the City of Long Beach in our ongoing efforts to protect our communities from flood risk, while creating a beautiful recreational area.  This project is a great example of two government agencies working together to not only improve the aesthetics of the area, but enrich the quality-of-life for local residents.”

Construction began in April 2013, and the transformation of Chittick Field took one year.  The renovation was funded with $9.9 million from the Los Angeles County Park and Open Space District, City of Long Beach Infrastructure funds, Open Space Bonds and a donation from Occidental Petroleum Corporation ($1 million). 

“Oxy is proud to be a part of the Long Beach community," said Frank Komin, President and General Manager of Oxy Long Beach, Inc. “The revitalization of Chittick Field is the result of a successful public/private partnership with the City of Long Beach and the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation and reflects our strong commitment to our neighbors.”

Chittick Field remains an active stormwater management facility, and the renovation re-graded the existing bowl and added a low-flow drainage system, a pump station, and various stormwater treatment devices to meet current trash and bacteria reduction regulations.  Through this project, the Chittick Field site will be updated both as a park, and as a flood control detention basin and as a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance site.  Bio-swales will be located at all the outfalls into the site and the updated system will include trash and bacteria reduction solutions. Native and drought tolerant landscaping with efficient irrigation are incorporated into the landscaping. Additionally, a bike path within the bowl will connect to the bike trail in the Pacific Electric right-of-way, which will continue to improve upon the city's network of bike trails.

For more information about the Chittick Field Renovation Project opening event, call 562.570.3150.