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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPress Release # CM: 042816
Thirty New Parking Spaces Created in Downtown Long Beach

The City of Long Beach today announced the creation of 30 new Downtown parking spaces along a three-block section of 9th Street.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve parking, and I applaud this solution,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “This is a great example of the community and the City working together to make life a little better for our residents.”

The new parking spaces were created by converting parallel parking spaces into diagonal spaces on the north side of the street, between Pacific Avenue and Long Beach Boulevard.

“The idea for creating the new parking spaces came from the community” said Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez. “We are so excited that this relatively simple approach will provide some welcome relief to people in this parking impacting neighborhood.”

The section of 9th street had 35 parallel parking spots, and now has 65 diagonal parking spaces.

The area is fronted by multi-family residential units and some businesses, and met the City’s criteria for diagonal parking spaces. Streets must be wide enough to continue accommodating vehicle traffic, including safety vehicles, and must have a limited amount of driveways.

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