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Sidewalk Repair Program

The Public Works Department is responsible for ensuring ADA compliance in public right-of-way and assisting other City Departments to ensure ADA compliance for all City Facilities. Questions or requests regarding accessibility for people with disabilities should be submitted via email to Heather Blackmun, Public Works ADA Coordinator.

Due to significant legal developments, the City has adopted a new program that will immediately require the installation of all missing curb ramps at locations Citywide defined by accessibility standards related to the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means that funding previously dedicated to the City’s sidewalk program will now be allocated to curb ramp installations. Sidewalk improvements will still be addressed through various programs, including Measure A, Complete Streets, and ADA Access Request, but residents Citywide should expect to experience an overall delay in sidewalk improvements over the next five years. 

The following are some photos of common sidewalk damage that occurs:

sw_lift sw_liftpatch2 sw_lifttree

The following are some photos of completed sidewalk repairs:

sw_good1 sw_good2 sw_goodrepair

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report damaged curb, gutter or sidewalk?

To report a curb, gutter or sidewalk damage and/or request inspection: 562.570.2700 option 2

To report standing water in the gutter: 570.2700 option 2

When is a sidewalk or curb considered for repair?

Sidewalk that meets one or more of the following is placed on a list to be scheduled for repair:

  • Vertical joint separations of more than ½ inch
  • Loose or spalled concrete
  • Reverse sloped concrete causing drainage problems to private property

Curb that meets one or more of the following is placed on a list to be scheduled for repair:

  • Major joint displacement causing a trip hazard
  • The ponding of water beyond the gutter on a regular basis

Sidewalks or curbs damaged by private trees, vehicles, or non-city construction activities are the responsibility of the property owner and are generally not placed on a list to be scheduled for repair.

If both the curb and the sidewalk in front of my property are damaged will they be replaced at the same time?

Generally, no. Because the repair work generally involves root pruning of a mature tree on either side of the tree, and trees will not survive if roots on both sides are removed, the sidewalk is generally replaced first. After the tree has recovered from the root pruning on the sidewalk side, which can take up to five years, the roots are then pruned on the curb side and the damaged curb is replaced.

If a street tree is causing sidewalk or curb damage will it be removed?

Most trees will be root pruned (the surface roots causing the damage are removed) at the time the sidewalk or curb is repaired. Prior to root pruning the trees are trimmed to reduce the wind load on the root system. A certified tree arborist examines all trees before any root pruning occurs. In rare occasions a tree will be recommended for removal due to poor health, or when root pruning will harm or cause the tree to be come unstable. Before this action is done, the City will distribute notices regarding the pending tree removal allowing for a 10 day appeal period. If no appeals are received the tree is scheduled for removal and the sidewalk repaired. When appropriate the City will plant an approved replacement tree.

Who does the sidewalk or curb repair and how is the property owner notified?

The City hires private contractors to perform repair work on sidewalks and curbs. The contractor, prior to the commencement of work, provides a notice to the property owners. In addition, notices prohibiting parking are posted to allow the contractor access to make the sidewalk or curb repairs.

What happens if my lawn or sprinklers are damaged when the sidewalk or curb is repaired?

The contractor performing the work is required to repair any sprinkler damage caused by him. In addition, sod is replaced where grass must be removed to make repairs.