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Overview of Digital Equity and Inclusion

What is Digital Equity?

Digital equity is when everyone has access and use of digital literacy training, the Internet and technology devices to be successful in society, democracy and the economy regardless of their background and identity.

What is Digital Inclusion?

The City of Long Beach defines digital inclusion through an equity lens, which means proactively ensuring everyone has equitable access and use of digital literacy training, the Internet, technology devices and other digital resources.

Approach to Advancing Digital Equity and Inclusion


  • Leadership and capacity building.
  • Multilingual digital literacy training and support.
  • Technology jobs and internship opportunities.
  • Job preparedness and digital literacy skills development.


  • Low-cost, high-speed, quality in-home Internet services.
  • Low-cost, quality cell phone data plans.
  • Citywide fiber network infrastructure.
  • Free City-provided public Wi-Fi.


  • Low-cost, quality, Internet-enabled technology devices -including refurbished (e.g. desktops, laptops, tablets).
  • Quality technical support.
  • Free City-provided community computer labs.

For more information regarding the City’s Digital Equity and Inclusion efforts, please contact:

Rebecca F. Kauma, MPA
Project Lead, Economic & Digital Inclusion