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Fostering saves lives. Whether you volunteer to care for a litter of unweaned orphaned kittens or give an adult dog a break from the kennel, you are making a difference in the life of an animal in need. Fostering fills a critical gap. Unweaned orphaned kittens need more care than can be provided in the shelter environment. We currently need fosters for bottle-feeding, ring-wormed kittens, and large dogs. We provide all the training, supplies, off-site veterinary care, and support. You provide a temporary safe, and loving home. 

If you can't foster but still want to support our program, consider donating an item off our wish list.

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Shelter Break

You can make a difference in the life of a shelter pet by temporarily opening up your home to kittens, large dogs, or animals with medical needs. Fostering gives our longer-term residents a welcome break from the kennel and provides prospective adopters with helpful information about how that pet behaves in a home. We provide all the supplies you need to care for your foster pet. You can foster a pet for as little as a one-week commitment.


We regularly need foster parents to help animals recover from injury or illness in a home environment. Recovery time varies on the needs of the individual animal. Our foster coordinator and medical team will work with you to ensure you are comfortable with your foster pet's at-home care. We will provide all the supplies and off-site medical treatments for your foster pet.


Puppies typically need a foster home during their stray hold period because they are unvaccinated, and we want to give them their first vaccines but then send them offsite to take effect and protect them from communicable diseases, and then return them after a week because, as soon as they become available to adopt, they get chosen.


Kittens orphaned and needing bottle feeding are our highest priority because we cannot keep them at the shelter overnight; they must be placed in a foster home the day they come in. 

  • What are the requirements?

    - The main foster volunteer must be 18 years old.
    - You must be able to follow the rules and guidelines provided in the foster agreement.

  • Is there a time commitment?

    The length of your foster pet's stay depends on the needs of the animal and your availability. Our Foster Coordinator will match you with a pet that fits your availability and lifestyle.

    Adult dogs:  Foster parents can choose to foster for one (1) week to several months. They have the option to take dogs for day trips or weekend sleepovers. These experiences can be very beneficial for long-term or stressed dogs. Some foster parents choose to foster dogs until they get adopted.

    Adult cats: Some cats are frightened or sick and may need one (1) week or two (2) in a foster home to heal and feel safe. Other cats with a tough time living in a kennel may require a foster parent to keep them until they find an adoptive family.

    Kittens: Kittens only need to stay in foster homes until they are six weeks old. We provide food, supplies, and training for unweakened kittens.

  • Can I adopt my foster pet?

    Yes. If you fall in love and want to keep your foster pet, you will have the first chance to adopt. We also encourage foster parents to find adopters for their foster pets. Let our Foster Coordinator know if you have a friend, neighbor, family member, etc., who wants to adopt your foster animal.
  • Is there 24/7 support?

    Yes, we have a 24-hour emergency hotline for foster parents.
  • I have pets at home. Can I still foster?

    Yes! Depending on the animal you foster, we may ask you to keep your foster animals separate from your resident pets. This is especially true for unvaccinated kittens & puppies with developing immune systems.
  • How do animals get adopted when they are in foster homes?​

    Foster parents have the option of marketing and promoting their animals for adoption. If you are having difficulty finding an adopter, please let us know, and we can help you market them. You have the option to send us photos or videos for us to post on social media.

    Foster parents can also bring their foster animals to LBACS adoption events. Foster pets still appear on our website even if they are home with you. 

    NOTE: If someone reaches out to you interested in your foster pet, never meet at someone’s home. Always meet in a public place like a coffee shop. You can always meet at the shelter for the meet-and-greet.
  • Do We Supply Medical Care, Food And Supplies?

    Yes, we provide everything you need for your foster pet. This includes food, bowls, bedding, toys, crates, litter, litter pans, etc. All off-site routine medical care. If you’d like to purchase your supplies, we can provide you with a list of what to buy.