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Dawn McIntosh


Welcome to the Long Beach City Attorney's homepage. On June 7, 2022, I was elected as Long Beach City Attorney to a four year term. It is my honor to serve as the City Attorney with this outstanding staff of 55 employees, including 25 attorneys. This office is committed to serving the residents of Long Beach by providing the City with proactive, timely and accurate legal services.

The City Attorney's Office is comprised of five divisions: Departmental Counsel, Litigation, Harbor, Workers' Compensation and Administrative & Financial Services and has an operating budget of approximately 9.8 million dollars for fiscal year 2022-2023. The office is the sole and exclusive legal advisor of the City, City Council and all City commissions, committees, officers and employees.

You are encouraged to review this website, as it is designed with you, the resident, in mind. Since this is your City Attorney's office, please feel free to comment on any aspect of our work or this website.