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Departmental Counsel

Led by Gary J. Anderson, Assistant City Attorney, the Departmental Counsel division provides legal advice to City boards, commissions and committees, including the City Council, Planning Commission, Civil Service Commission, Successor Agency, Housing Authority, Board of Water Commissioners, Board of Examiners, Appeals and Condemnation, the Citizens' Police Complaint Commission and the Long Beach Community Investment Company.  The Division also drafts contracts, resolutions, ordinances, opinions and other regulations for all City departments. 

Attorney Profiles

 Richard F. Anthony, Principal Deputy City Attorney

Taylor M. Anderson, Deputy City Attorney

Vanessa S. Ibarra, Deputy City Attorney

Monica J. Kilaita, Deputy City Attorney

Anita Lakhani, Deputy City Attorney

Arturo D. Sanchez, Deputy City Attorney

Erin Weesner-McKinley, Deputy City Attorney

Marsha M. Yasuda, Deputy City Attorney