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Ethics Commission

Mission Statement

The Ethics Commission strives to advance public trust and confidence in the City’s government through education and the development of policies and processes that promote each of the City’s values of Accountability, Fairness, Impartiality, Diversity, Transparency, and Integrity.

Telephonic Public Comment

Community members are encouraged to participate in the Ethics Commission Meetings by signing up for Telephonic Public Comment and/or submitting written comments using eComments or emailing cityclerk@longbeach.gov.

Telephonic Public Comment is available by completing the Public Comment Sign-Up Form for the Ethics Commission meetings on the City Clerk website.

Recent Updates

At its meeting on February 10, 2021, the Ethics Commission approved the Commission's 2020 Annual Report.

Ethic Commission 2020 Annual Report

City of Long Beach Disclosure Reports & Ethics Portal

You can view information on how the City of Long Beach complies with the Political Reform Act, as well as look up regulations from the Fair Political Practices Commission, view Economic filings for the City of Long Beach and submit referrals for Political Reform Act violations.

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