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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Office of Ethics and Transparency is to build trust among the public, employees, and officials, and to provide the necessary resources to make impartial decisions as stewards of public resources.

The Office of Ethics and Transparency (OET) believes that ethical behavior at all levels of our workforce is a critical component of our duties as public servants. Government ethics helps to ensure that we act with integrity and transparency while serving the best interests of the Long Beach community.

Established in FY24, the OET brings the ethics program and the Public Records Act (PRA) program together under one office to centralize operations, enhance public trust, and empower informed action. This unified approach fosters synergy between ethical conduct and open access to information, allowing for more transparent decision-making and robust oversight. The foundation of the OET is built on the City's Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Questions, comments, concerns?

If you would like to share any comments or concerns or have questions for the Ethics Commission or OET staff, please email ethics@longbeach.gov. *Please note that the Commission is an advisory-only body and this is not an anonymous reporting path.

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