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Office of Cannabis Oversight

The Office of Cannabis Oversight (OCO) regulates the local cannabis industry in Long Beach. The OCO's role is to coordinate the implementation of the City's cannabis laws and regulations.  

Some of the types of matters handled by the office:

  • Research and develop best practices for adult-use and medicinal cannabis businesses;
  • Assist City departments in the implementation of cannabis ordinances and regulations; 
  • Engage the cannabis industry and community to ensure all cannabis regulations are followed; 
  • Work with the Health Department to educate the public on cannabis health and safety related issues; 
  • Collaborate among other cities and state agencies to create uniform regulations. 

Important Announcements

New Cannabis Policy Initiatives Website

The Office of Cannabis Oversight has created a new website to provide updates on cannabis policy initiatives that are upcoming in the City of Long Beach!

The website currently includes information on the following cannabis initiatives:

Shared-Use Manufacturing
Delivery (Non-Retail Storefronts)
Equity-Owned Dispensaries (Storefront Retail)

Each page contains detailed information on the policy topic, current project status, project timeline, and any upcoming community events. As new policies and projects begin, the information for each project will be posted to this site.

For more information and to visit this new site please visit www.longbeach.gov/cannabispolicy.


The City of Long Beach will begin accepting applications for adult-use cannabis business licenses on Monday, August 13, 2018. Businesses may apply to convert and/or co-locate their current medical cannabis application or license or apply for a new adult-use cannabis business license. To learn more, please visit the City of Long Beach Cannabis Business Information website. 


The Long Beach City Council passed the Adult-Use Cannabis Business Ordinance at its meeting last night on July 10, 2018. The ordinance will take effect thirty-one (31) days after it is signed into law by Mayor Robert Garcia. View the council meeting and documents related to the ordinance.

The City will begin to accept applications for adult-use cannabis businesses after the ordinance has taken effect. More information will be posted on the City’s website at www.longbeach.gov/cannabisbusiness.