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On March 13, 2018, the Long Beach City Council adopted the ‘Long Beach Values Act of 2018’ which established procedures for the requesting, collecting, maintaining and disclosing of sensitive information and the enforcement of federal immigration law.

View the video recording and related documents presented at the meeting.


The City of Long Beach is committed to continue fostering trust between City officials and residents and visitors to protect local resources, encourage cooperation between public and City officials and to ensure public safety for all. The Long Beach Values Act expands the City’s support for California Senate Bill No. 54, more commonly known as the 'California Values Act', and is implemented through City Manager Administrative Regulation (AR8-33). This Regulation is applicable to all City departments and offices responsible directly to the City Manager. It is also requested that elective offices and other independent offices and departments of the City comply with these procedures in the interest of administrative uniformity.

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