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Empower Uptown Participatory Budgeting Results

Highest turnout per capita in Participatory Budgeting process in the nation at 4.9%

On the evening of March 27th, after a weeklong public vote, Long Beach City Councilmember Rex Richardson announced the results from the historic Empower Uptown Participatory Budgeting (PB) process. The City of Long Beach now joins the ranks of Chicago, New York City, Vallejo and others by completing the final phase of the PB process. PB gives District 9 community members real power to make real decisions over real money.

The winning projects include:
  • Jordan High School Digital Marquee ($100,000) in 1st place with 1,552 votes,
  • Solar Powered Lights at DeForest Park ($95,000) in 2nd place with 1,161 votes, and
  • Security Cameras on corridors throughout the district ($100,000) in 3rd with 997 votes.