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The Creative Corridor Challenge:  Mural 4

The Creative Corridor Challenge: Mural 4 Started

Release Date: 2016-05-27

The Creative Corridor Challenge to Beautify North Long Beach has been sweeping its way through Uptown, leaving behind inspirational imagery for generations to come. Since its "Project Submission Phase" in October 2015, the initiative has moved through its "Corridor Team Development Phase", leading to the "Project Execution Phase", which North Long Beach can visually grasp through volunteer painting opportunities and aesthetic.

Uptown saw the initial workings of its fourth Creative Corridor Challenge Mural, which captivates the word "Dream" among idea-provoking, ocean-touched colors and imagery. The mural causes a wonder that sparks ideas that can certainly become dreams of tomorrow.

Marcel "Sel" Blanco is the artist responsible for the mural design at 1639 E. Artesia blvd., an exceptional addition to North Long Beach's ongoing collection. In the forthcoming weeks, Blanco and community will combine their talents to put the remaining pieces in place, completing yet another mural to beautify Uptown.