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Community And Diversity Bring New Businesses Downtown

Release Date: 2018-12-17

By: Pierce Nahigyan

When it comes to Downtown Long Beach, businesses move in for the same reasons that people do: the sunshine, salty breeze and progressive social scene. New business owners who spoke to the Business Journal said they were attracted to the area’s blend of history and hip vibe.

For Denise Maldonado, co-owner of Confidential Coffee, setting up a new coffee shop in the neighborhood made more than good business sense; it was a chance to be a part of the unique downtown community. “It’s so diverse,” she said. “You have everything in Long Beach, and downtown is the heart of it.”

Confidential Coffee first opened at 137 W 6th St. in late August. Coffee is a passion of Maldonado’s, and with her business partner Gustavo De La Rosa, the two hope to bring that passion to the city’s residents and workers. From their location, Maldonado said, the shop sees cross-traffic from the surrounding apartments and businesses. “I know there’s going to be a lot of new housing coming in as well, so that means good news for us,” she said.

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