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Long Beach Enters New Partnership To Promote Trade With Canada

Release Date: 2018-12-03

By: Alena Maschke

The Long Beach City Council recently approved the formation of a new partnership with the MAPLE Business Council, an organization that specializes in promoting economic activity between Southern California and Canada. As a result of the agreement, the two parties are planning to host networking events, expand training programs for business owners interested in working across the border, and arrange for business delegations to visit our neighbor to the north.

The partnership agreement is still under wraps until it has been signed by both parties, but the business council has already held its first event in Long Beach. MAPLE leadership, as well as members of the business council, visited the Port of Long Beach for the council’s 49th event since its founding in May 2015. “The 49th is important to us, not only because it’s a big number[…] but also because that’s a play on the 49th parallel that is the geographic dividing line between the U.S. and Canada,” the council’s co-founder, Stephen Armstrong, explained.

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